Post Break: Our Little Outing

When I was pregnant me and my husband had a chance to look after the house of his officemate when she had to go for a family golf outing. It was the first time my husband was ever exposed to golfing when we stayed over her place for a while. She had a putting set laid on the carpet by the living room and had the vcr auto record the golf channel while she was away. We didn't want to interrupt the recording so we just watched whatever was being shown, golf.

We can call that house-sitting experience as our little outing. It was during the mid of very hot summer and having to go there to her place was kind of relaxing for us. My husband enjoyed putting and even said we'll have to go golfing in the future. I was happy because I personally enjoy playing golf, not the professional golf but just a fun golf-putting course. Whenever we pass by the golfland since after that I kept asking my husband if we can play. Just taking my chances but honestly it would be too hot for me most especially I was pregnant that time.

Now it's summertime once again and thank God it's not as scorching hot as before. We're looking forward having more little family outing with our baby. Though the nearest beach we can go to is the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, that can be a good start to get baby acquainted with the sea and sand. We can enjoy fishing there by the wharf or enjoy the amusement park. Perhaps later on we can go farther and fly to the other coast and see where among in Myrtle Beach best hotels can we settle. Staying in Myrtle Beach hotel is quite convenient having it just right by the beach and also near golf courses. I still need to see what other activities our whole family can enjoy there night and day. It would be ideal to go through and see all other things Myrtle has to offer.

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