Enjoying Our Summer

Last year's summer was so dry and hot but luckily we had plenty of rains this year making the summer season just right. Although there are days when heat wave strikes, it can be unbearably hot inside the house or worse outdoors without any breeze.

Baby is growing and becoming more active therefore it helps when I bring him outdoors to enjoy some fresh air and soak under the sun. We walk around the neighborhood, visit daddy's office or do a little grocery shopping. I am enjoying our quality time together and I also want baby to enjoy mommy carrying him around while he's still good to carry. He's been such a good baby so he deserves all our attention and love.

Even if we go out for our mommy-baby walks that doesn't mean we're out and about the whole day. Baby is still so young and I want him to get enough naps as possible. It's also hard for me to be out so long with baby because we don't bottlefeed him, he's purely breastfeeding & nursing with mommy. That makes us mostly at home after our outdoor breaks.

There are days when it's very hot and we're forced to use cooling systems here at home. Hubs installed tiny window mounted exhaust fans to help take out hot air resting within the ceiling and we just let those fans run to eliminate trapped heat. We also use stand fan for air circulation and if the heat is terribly bad we use the air cooler. It's good because it's also an air filter, it can clean and purify the air circulating in our place making it safer for baby. Another cooling system that's ideal to have is a ceiling fan but we just don't have it here. Ceiling fans can help a lot in breaking the warm air build up and circulate air. We might not need to install this fan anymore since it will just be a month or two and we'll welcome cooler days again. In any case we'll have the need to do so we can always check out Hansen Wholesale ceiling fans. But so far our cooling system already works perfectly well beating the summer heat.

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