Baby Planning

It's true that I've always wanted to have a baby so as my husband but we had to plan things out good before conceiving another life in this world. After getting married we decided not to have a baby just yet so we can adjust and enjoy each other and be more prepared for a family addition. We also want to be more stable financially so we can assure providing everything for our baby.

We had a lot of deals before we finally decided it's time. We were helping out my husband's parents with construction renovations and finishing of their place and saved up for their flight tickets back here. It was a very tough ride but we managed to do what we had to do. We had to use up all our savings, resources and even get cash advances from our credit cards. It was our last resort to get that much funds needed. We were looking through online credit repair services to figure out how to repair your bad credit through DSI Solutions.

It took time to finish off our debts but we made it, we sailed through the rough tides. Little by little we paid everything we owed. After being debt free we knew that we are on our way to better financial stage and can further support if we'll have a baby. Soon after we decided that it's a bout time for us to focus on our own lives and start a family. We've been married for almost 3yrs and we felt like we're ready to take our marriage to the next level.

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lina said...

It's good to have a plan and be prepared to start a family.

Zaini and I waited for 4 years before having Raimie. We made sure we had our own house and car before Raimie was born. :)

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