Post Break: Better With Steel

We don't like so much plastics in our home most especially we have a little baby here. Even with his toys and other things we prefer to get wood and avoid those plastics. Though we're not being too picky not letting him have some plastic things, it's inevitable and also practical in some way.

Right now we have no choice but to settle with whatever we have here in the apartment. As much as we want to redecorate and get new things, we're trying to avoid getting much clutter here and there having so many things around. Definitely once we have purchased our own place that's when we will get all other things we like.

Having said this, I'm eyeing on getting more steel items in time. Aesthetically speaking I like it and of course I still want to have a balance of wood in our home too. Perhaps with things inclined for "hot" use I prefer to get blomus stainless steel fireplace set & blomus stainless steel firepit . Maybe accompany it with blomus stainless steel teaset for a perfect match. There are just things I find better with steel.

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