Working Mom & Baby

As a new mom I do my best to take care of my baby full-time. We really agreed on not having to bring baby over a day care center or get a babysitter. We believe that taking care of your baby, devoting time, love and affection will contribute to his development and well-being.

Taking care of my baby full-time doesn't mean I don't get to do anything anymore. In fact I still manage to work from home. I do my architecture stuffs and other online works on the side whenever baby's taking his nap time or having his little play time alone. I devote a lot of play time with him but i let him explore playing on his own too when he feels like it. I just keep an eye on him and keep myself aware if he calls on me for anything. Of course I am mostly just beside him or very near him whenever I do my works and him playing.

Being a freelancer and work at home mom has many benefits when it comes to my baby and husband. I get to spend more time with them and see to eat we are all eating healthy. I get the chance to cook and prepare our meals therefore it's a healthier option than taking out junk foods. I earn a decent amount every month but of course it's incomparable to a regular employment. But we believe it's not all about the money and benefits, our baby comes first above all. With a little more time squeezed into my hectic day, I try to read work from home articles and search for more home based business directory from This way I can add some more opportunities working from home.

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LifeRamblings said...

Hola Ayie! How's it going? hope your week is going well. Your son is such a cutie pie and he has such good features like you. Do you still breastfeed him?

Ayie said...

Hi LR!

We're good and baby's getting bigger =) We had a nice walk today just to have some fresh air and sun and stayed in the park for a while. It's a very fine weekend so far. How about you? Looks like mommy? =P

I still breastfeed baby til now, no formula since he was born...purely mommy's milk!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! Btw, dear can I get your mailing address?

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