Baby and Mails

After giving birth we had to work on baby's birth certificate right there in the hospital. A personnel helped us fill out the form so it can be sent for filing. It's good that the hospital provides this aid making things easier for the tired and overjoyed parents fix their baby's very first legal document. There's also an option to request for the baby's Social Security number, it's very helpful to have this as well as early as possible.

Not too long after being discharged from the hospital, baby received his first set of mails. His SS and insurance policy were finally delivered safe in the lockable mailboxes. We also received baby's first package from the Philippines. Good thing we have trusty locking mailboxes for the apartments, considerably old but it keeps our important mails and parcels safe.

Now that baby's getting bigger we go out almost everyday to check mails. It's also our chance to walk and have a little exercise and catch some morning sun. It's fun to see baby curiously observing me as I'm checking, collecting mails and locking mailbox. It's such a delight when I get a sweet smile after telling him he has a mail and mommy has to check it, as if he fully understands what mail stuff is all about.

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