Little Grabber

My little baby has grown so much over the past 5months. Yes he's 5months old now and becoming more and more active by the day. He's has developed his hands coordination and exercising it by grabbing his toys and his feet. He looks so cute most especially when he tries to bring his feet to his mouth. He even giggles everytime he does that.

My little grabber has such a good grip that anybody holding him should be very aware and alert with those tiny hands. He can pull the hair and not let go or pick up and grab anything that he could reach. Lately he's being so fond of grabbing my cheeks and it hurts! Oh well i just tell myself he's growing and exploring. I try to correct him as much as possible so he won't carry those things that he shouldn't do.

Having a little grabber around means work too. He throws around his toys thinking it's fun with you having to pick it up and hand him back the toys. As much as I want to decorate the place with some plants or have some herb pots around, I dare not to since I'm looking after his safety. I think it will be better to just make use of window boxes or window plant boxes to contain those plants. At least having a window box for the plant won't require anymore pots inside our place. We don't have much space also and avoiding any other things that can clutter in time is the best.

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lina said...

Oh Ayie. I once had a huge cut on my lips due to my once little grabber. When Raimie was small, he managed to grab a doll (which had a nightlamp thingy on the tummy) at me, at the hard part hit my mouth and caused a huge wound.

Better make sure babies don't grab and throw anything unsafe.

Tekkaus said...

haha :D We must be careful huh! I bet he must be strong. :)

betchai said...

he is so cute Ayie, yes, just be careful with his hands, they are in exploring stage, so whatever they can grab tight, they will :)

Tes said...

He's such a darling, Ayie! So adorable and photogenic! So he's in that stage already. :) Better be careful :)

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