Post Break: Safety checklist for your home

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a vacation. There’s a lot that goes into making travel plans, so many create a checklist to ensure that no important items are forgotten. It’s equally important to create a security checklist to ensure that your property is safe in your absence. As you finalize your vacation plans, remember to take some safety precautions and secure your home properly.

The first step is to check all windows and ensure that the locks don’t need to be replaced. It is important to ensure that all latches are functioning properly in your home.The next step is to verify that the garage door can be secured as well. Be sure to take the time to replace any broken locks and panes on the garage door. Next, you will want to ensure that any gates or fencing on the property can be secured. Make sure that all of the openings to the fence have sturdy locks attached that secure the gate.You will definitely need to check the locks on all doors within the home. Make sure that the doors to your home can be locked in a secure manner.

The final checklist item in securing your home while vacationing is to verify that your ADT Brinks Tallahassee is functioning properly. Remember to also set your home security alarm system before leaving the house.

Thanks to guest blogger Janice Terlent for the post

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