Does Hair Loss Scare You?

I am one of those who goes nuts when I see so much hair shedding from my crowning glory. Though I know it's normal to shed about 100 strands per day, I still can't feel so comfortable about my hair fall. The whole time I was pregnant there were many changes in my hair like falling so much this month and so glossy and shiny the next. Crazy huh? Now after giving birth and continuously nursing, I am experiencing falling hair and I admit that there are days when I feel alarmed even if I don't have to be.

Here's an article about Hair Loss which I lifted from Yahoo that I stumbled upon one day. May this serve as a guide for all mom / women out there.

When it’s just strange: “Losing about 100 hairs throughout the day is normal,” says Jeffrey Garber, MD, president of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Even substantial thinning (think hundreds of hairs a day, possibly in clumps) is nothing to worry about if you’re currently going through hormonal changes. For example, if you’ve recently stopped using hormonal birth control, had a miscarriage or had a baby, hair loss is likely just the result of your body readjusting. Your tresses should return to their former glory within three to four months. It’s also normal for hair texture to change due to hormones, which means you don’t need to worry following a pregnancy if your curly hair no longer needs to be tamed with a flat iron or your once-dry hair seems magically moisturized.

When it’s a warning sign: Not sure if the shedding is excessive? Try the “pull test,” says Dr. Garber: “Carefully grasp a small section and lightly tug to see how many hairs will come out.” Losing more than five telogen hairs, the ones with the root attached, is cause for concern, he says. Unless you can pinpoint an obvious hormonal cause (as mentioned above), call your doctor.

Your physician will examine your scalp and may suggest blood tests to figure out exactly what’s going on. “Deficiencies of zinc, iron or biotin [a B vitamin] can all cause hair loss, as can an under- or over-active thyroid,” says Dr. Garber.

You should also check in with your doctor if your hair texture has changed and a new baby isn’t in the picture. “Patients often notice texture changes during times of unusual stress or following a serious illness,” or your iron levels could simply be low, explains Dr. Scola.

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lina said...

I shed so many hairs after giving birth, it freaked me out.

Now... I will have a bit excessive hair loss a couple of months after I did my rebonding, but I'm still doing it because I like my hair straight... :D

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