Post Break: Hospital Gowns

For pregnant moms it's very important to have your hospital bag ready ahead of time. Make sure you have comfortable loose clothes for going home upon discharge. Baby should also have his take-me-home clothes because if he's healthy and no complications, he will be discharged together with you.

Most hospitals provide basic toiletries and hospital gowns. It's up to you if you wish to wear your own clothes. Their gowns just like medical uniforms or medical scrubs and nursing scrubs, simple and very uniform for every patient. I actually just wore the hospital gowns all throughout my stay and it's very comfortable though too open. I think I was too happy about my baby that I never really mind how I look in those gowns.

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lina said...

I wore my own gown at the hospital after giving birth. Something similar to the hospital gown but had button in the front so it was more modest. ;)

Not that I actually a modest person. LOL

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! My wife was given normal gown too. :)

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